Service Features

Our mission is provide a complete offering of IT solutions for small businesses that understand the true magic well working technology. 

Preventative Maintenance

Security patches and zero day updates are critical when new vulnerabilities are found.  Making sure updates are installed and updated daily is the first basic core of maintenance services.

Software updates can be time consuming when you need to managed them on lot of computer.  We assist in these updates along with critical updates to software like Adobe and Java.

It is important for your computer to be running, but critical for a server to be running.  Down time is loss of money.  We are closing monitoring all essential services and will be notified if there is an issue.

There are lots of avenues of backups.  Here, we are making sure they are being completed where ever they are required.

Support & Services

The core component to offering top noch service is Remote Access.  We will be able to remote access all computers and servers to assist in issues or notifications that we received.

All issues or problems will be ticketed and documented for future references.

All company related information, accounts, operation procedures, devices, etc are documented and updated regularly.

Email & Phone & On-Site Support are available to meet your requirements in what your business demands.

We run by SOP (Standard Operating Procedures). We will work with you in every way to upgrade or include your personal SOP tasks for your growing business.

Security Solutions

This is one of those things that is required.  This is only part of the new age of security requirements as these may have back doors as well. 

Web tracking is a key element malware transfers or ransomware.  The layer of monitoring assists in the ever changing environment.

There is a growing need for 2FA for even the basic parts of using your computer.  When data is critical, this is a requirement.

Security best standards are always being updated.  New security holes and updated policies are regularly updated and added your your computers and server as they are fine tuned.

More aggressive network monitoring can be enabled prevent rogue computers on the network that might steal data or even pass on ransomware.

Review Overviews

Your quaterly meetings are a quick way to understand how things are looking.  Become confident that systems are taken care of and a plan is in place for any other issues or problems.

Regular security scans are completed from a different department to ensure best practices are completed at all times.  

Keep on top of upgrading hardware like workstations and server to prevent possible outages and downtime.  Regular network refreshes is important for security and performance increases to match new technology requirements.

Bundled Cloud

Office 365 or Google are esencial in conducting business today.  Simple monthly rate allow your requirements on software as you grow.  Outlook, Excel, Exchange, etc.

Subscriptions to the best spam filters paired up with hosted email with Microsoft are required too.  Phishing emails can really ruin your brand or self image.

Cloud Backups of your Email, Contacts, Calendar is now standard practice.  These features are still vulnerable to ransomware and pesky viruses.

Embedding email encryption with your email provider is the simplest and direct way to secure those emails to meet Hippa requirements.

Servers are not the only thing that should be backed up. Local data on your computer needs to be backup up too.  Cloud storage is also a create way to share documents withing the company and clients.

Web Services

We work with several partners for the best offers ins basic hosting, Virtual Hosting, Dedicated hosting, and so forth.  Matching your resources to your site is critical in creating the best online experience of your brand.

Backing up your host is the first step to ensure your site can be restored.  A update, plugin, virus can take down a site in a heartbeat.  Having systems in place so it wont be a headache later.

Especial WordPress sites, they need to be updated and watch regularly.  Because this type of site is so popular, they need to be updated to ensure your brand is not compromised.

SSL and Registration Monitoring